FV 623 Gaminator®


The perfect solution for your gaming business.


The Winner.




Leading the pack in technological innovation we have designed each casino operator’s dream: Our Gaminator® cabinet - a sophisticated new electronic gaming machine which brings a full range of features and benefits to your casino:

  • Space-optimised stream-lined cabinet of only 440mm total depth in elegant silver
  • Two extra-large TFT screens contained in one cabinet and inclined to each other with
  • Minimum space between them for increased player convenience
  • Full range of Coolfire™ platform features and game functions
  • Compatibility with most common bill acceptors
  • Easy conversion handling
  • Modular design with configuration options for use of reels plus TFT monitor and dual screens
  • Superior stereo sound with up to 4 loudspeakers integrated
  • Player tracking conveniently located within the door-in-door area