FV 680 Novo-Vision™ Slant Top I


Flip your Gaming Dimension


Unlimited Coolfire™ II gaming fun guaranteed with AGI's Novo-Vision™ Slant Top I with Flip-Screen™ Feature.




It features a 22" bottom touch screen plus a giant 26" top screen for a new dimension of gaming excitement. The innovative Flip-Screen™ Feature allows players to switch their main game from the bottom to the top screen to play in their preferred and ergonomically perfect position.


The Novo-Vision™ Slant Top I brings sophisticated style and exclusive comfort to any casino floor. Thrill your guests with a full-impact gaming experience.


  • 22” bottom touchscreen plus giant 26” top screen 
  • Innovative Flip-Screen™ Feature for top comfort 
  • Multi-Denomination enabled 
  • Multi-Language options 
  • Touchscreen 
  • Top sound, incorporating sub-woofer plus an active satellite speaker system 
  • Second start button at foot rest 
  • Sophisticates style draws customer attention