This sophisticated slant top cabinet combines leading-edge technology with futuristic style and ergonomic design for a new brilliance in gaming.
Available in three different modular versions the versalite NOVOSTAR® SL caters to the entire range of modern gaming applications:

  • NOVOSTAR® SL1 (1 monitor) for the NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II product family
  • NOVOSTAR® SL2 and SL3 (2 & 3 monitors respectively) for video slot gaming

The 3-monitor version offers additional thrills for jackpot installations while featuring the PowerLink™ display to present up to four jackpot levels directly on the machine.


  • Attractive style with brilliant, LED illuminated details
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available with 1-3 extra large monitors
  • FLIPSCREEN® Feature
  • Touchscreen
  • Extra start button built into foot rest
  • Compatible with various NOVOMATIC gaming platforms and systems such as Coolfire™ II and NOVO LINE™