Novomatic is proud to present the NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. II – the hugely successful NOVOSTAR® SL slant top cabinet, designed into the V.I.P. configuration to bring the biggest slot gaming attraction onto your gaming floor. Its massive 27’’ main TFT touch screen is further upgraded by a giant 50’’ TFT screen positioned at the perfect ergonomic distance for best game play using the FLIPSCREEN™ Feature to bring the games into an amazing panorama format.

The featured Crown V.I.P. chair with integrated sound system and Start button in the arm rest completes the thrilling gaming experience of this unique cabinet innovation.

Hours of great entertainment in best comfort are guaranteed:

  • Attractive cabinet style with brilliant, LED illuminated details
  • Highly comfortable Crown V.I.P. chair with integrated sound system plus Auto-Start and Start/Take Win button in arm rest
  • FLIPSCEEN™ Feature for game screen display on the giant 50’’ TFT screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Touchscreen on the cabinet
  • Extra start button built into foot rest
  • Superior, virtual surround sound with sub-woofer and active satellite speakers
  • Please contact us for more information about the growing
  • choice of available single and multi-games.