The DOMINATOR® combines optimized usability and top quality design with great looks. The result: absolute performance. The DOMINATOR®'s advanced ergonomic features, stirring gamesynchronized LED-effects plus sophisticated graphics and top sound create an unforgettable in-depth gaming experience for the guest. This groundbreaking gaming machine will be the undisputed leader on your gaming floor.

  • 3 x 24” TFT screens for gripping graphics display
  • Independent 18.5” multi-purpose TFT topper available
  • Stirring LED illumination and gamedependent colour effects for maximum attraction
  • Innovative touch panel player interface as well as various button panel layouts available
  • Main door opens upwards on gas springs, providing safe and easy access for maintenance plus optimum space between machines
  • Third screen in top position for 3D game theme presentation or the PowerLink™ jackpot display
  • Pre-installed player tracking module below main screen
  • Unrivalled sound quality with active satellite speaker system plus subwoofer and sophisticated game sound design
  • Extra start button integrated in foot rest
  • TITO ready
  • Multi-Denomination
  • Multi-language options
  • Touchscreen
  • 640mm wide (casino base 750mm) with a total depth of only 637 mm incl. base stand


Savršeno riješenje za vaš gejmerski biznis. Apsolutni pobjednik. Uzimajući u obzir paket sa tehnološkim inovacijama, ostvarili smo svaki operatorski san u kasinu: Naš Gaminator® kabinet – sofisticirani novi elektronski uređaj za igranje, donosi cijeli niz mogućnosti i prednosti za Vaš Kasino:

  • Prostorno optimizirano kučište, od samo 440mm ukupne dubine u elegantnoj srebrnoj boji
  • Dva dodatna velika TFT ekrana, postavljena u jednom kabinetu i okrenuta jedan prema drugom sa
  • minimalnim razmakom, za povećanu udobnost igrača
  • Cijeli niz značajki Coolfire ™ platformi i funkcija igara
  • Kompatibilni sa najčešće korištenim primaocima računa
  • Jednostavno rukovanje konverzijama
  • Modularni dizajn sa konfiguracijskim opcijama za korištenje rolni kao i TFT monitora i dva ekrana
  • Superioran stereo zvuk sa 4 integrisana zvučnika
  • Igračko praćenje adekvatno smješteno u okviru vrata–u–vrata


Flip your Gaming Dimension Unlimited Coolfire™ II gaming fun guaranteed with AGI's Novo-Vision™ Slant Top I with Flip-Screen™ Feature. It features a 22” bottom touch screen plus a giant 26” top screen for a new dimension of gaming excitement. The innovative Flip-Screen™ Feature allows players to switch their main game from the bottom to the top screen to play in their preferred and ergonomically perfect position. The Novo-Vision™ Slant Top I brings sophisticated style and exclusive comfort to any casino floor. Thrill your guests with a full-impact gaming experience.

  • 22” bottom touchscreen plus giant 26” top screen
  • Innovative Flip-Screen™ Feature for top comfort
  • Multi-Denomination enabled
  • Multi-Language options
  • Touchscreen
  • Top sound, incorporating sub-woofer plus an active satellite speaker system
  • Second start button at foot rest
  • Sophisticates style draws customer attention


This sophisticated slant top cabinet combines leading-edge technology with futuristic style and ergonomic design for a new brilliance in gaming. Available in three different modular versions the versalite NOVOSTAR® SL caters to the entire range of modern gaming applications:

  • NOVOSTAR® SL1 (1 monitor) for the NOVO LINE Novo Unity™ II product family
  • NOVOSTAR® SL2 and SL3 (2 & 3 monitors respectively) for video slot gaming
The 3-monitor version offers additional thrills for jackpot installations while featuring the PowerLink™ display to present up to four jackpot levels directly on the machine. NOVOSTAR® SL
  • Attractive style with brilliant, LED illuminated details
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available with 1-3 extra large monitors
  • FLIPSCREEN® Feature
  • Touchscreen
  • Extra start button built into foot rest
  • Compatible with various NOVOMATIC gaming platforms and systems such as Coolfire™ II and NOVO LINE™


Novomatic is proud to present the NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. II – the hugely successful NOVOSTAR® SL slant top cabinet, designed into the V.I.P. configuration to bring the biggest slot gaming attraction onto your gaming floor. Its massive 27’’ main TFT touch screen is further upgraded by a giant 50’’ TFT screen positioned at the perfect ergonomic distance for best game play using the FLIPSCREEN™ Feature to bring the games into an amazing panorama format. The featured Crown V.I.P. chair with integrated sound system and Start button in the arm rest completes the thrilling gaming experience of this unique cabinet innovation. Hours of great entertainment in best comfort are guaranteed:

  • Attractive cabinet style with brilliant, LED illuminated details
  • Highly comfortable Crown V.I.P. chair with integrated sound system plus Auto-Start and Start/Take Win button in arm rest
  • FLIPSCEEN™ Feature for game screen display on the giant 50’’ TFT screen
  • Ergonomic design
  • Touchscreen on the cabinet
  • Extra start button built into foot rest
  • Superior, virtual surround sound with sub-woofer and active satellite speakers
  • Please contact us for more information about the growing
  • choice of available single and multi-games.


The NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. III blends V.I.P. slant top comfort with a panoramic game presentation on two huge screens for a unique Very Important Player Experience!

  • Two giant 50” full HD LED screens with FLIPSCREEN®
  • Highly comfortable Crown V.I.P. chair including:
    • integrated satellite speakers in the head rest
    • Start/Take Win and bet setting buttons plus sound volume control in the arm rest
  • Ergonomic design
  • 27” full HD LED touchscreen on the cabinet
  • Extra start button built into foot rest
  • TITO ready
  • Multi-Denomination
  • Multi-language options
  • Various button panel layouts available


Super-V + Gaminator® III is a new generation of gaming cabinet technology for the top performance of Coolfire ™ II gaming platforms: Super-V + Gaminator® conceptual re-designed for maximum performance and with an extra wide screen for maximum gaming experience. The extra wide screens are designed for a perfect gaming depth experience, possessing sleek style and superior design quality so they make Super-V + Gaminator® III a sure win at any casino level. This is a gaming device that supports a constantly updated selection of a large family of games on the Coolfire ™ II gaming platform.

  • The third screen in the top position is for 3D presentation themes or PowerLink ja jackpot display
  • The pre-installed input module fits into all existing games of the accompanying units
  • 24 inch wide screens for capturing graphic displays
  • Unsurpassed sound quality with sub-woofer plus active satellite speaker system
  • TITO system, Multi-denomination, Multilingual options, Touch screen
  • Different button panel layouts are available on this model
  • 610mm wide retaining space optimization with a total depth of just 454mm