Super-V + Gaminator® III is a new generation of gaming cabinet technology for the top performance of Coolfire ™ II gaming platforms:

Super-V + Gaminator® conceptual re-designed for maximum performance and with an extra wide screen for maximum gaming experience.

The extra wide screens are designed for a perfect gaming depth experience, possessing sleek style and superior design quality so they make Super-V + Gaminator® III a sure win at any casino level.

This is a gaming device that supports a constantly updated selection of a large family of games on the Coolfire ™ II gaming platform.

  • The third screen in the top position is for 3D presentation themes or PowerLink ja jackpot display
  • The pre-installed input module fits into all existing games of the accompanying units
  • 24 inch wide screens for capturing graphic displays
  • Unsurpassed sound quality with sub-woofer plus active satellite speaker system
  • TITO system, Multi-denomination, Multilingual options, Touch screen
  • Different button panel layouts are available on this model
  • 610mm wide retaining space optimization with a total depth of just 454mm